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Ethical Governance, Environmental Stewardship & Social Responsibility

At LiTHOS Technology, our steadfast commitment is rooted in ethical governance, environmental stewardship, and social responsibility. We are dedicated to transforming industry standards through sustainable practices and innovative solutions which help producing facilites capture more product and scale production.

Our Vision

To be the trusted global standard for sustainable and economically efficient lithium resource development.

Our Mission

To eliminate evaporation ponds in the lithium industry, paving the way for more sustainable practices.

LiTHOS: A Journey from Ingenious Origins to Sustainable Lithium Mastery

Aqueous Resources LLC was founded in 2022 based on a process patent covering the extraction and refining of lithium and other critical battery metals and minerals from aqueous brine reservoirs. The patent and underlying IP for this alternative process technology originated through more than five years of pioneering an innovative brine pre-treatment solution, initially designed for modular oil & gas wastewater treatment. This sophisticated system converts highly contaminated produced water into clean, purified water ideal for hydraulic fracturing, without the heavy use of chemicals, and with a yield of more than 95%. Despite challenging conditions, these robust, mobile systems were commercialized after years of technology development and a $5 million investment, achieving a throughput feed capacity of 20,000 barrels per day (~3,000 m³/day). LiTHOS acquired 100% of Aqueous Resources in August 2023.

At the core of this innovation lies AcQUA™. This patent-pending electro-pressure membrane process optimizes raw brine pre-treatment and efficiently concentrates lithium chloride using multiple Direct Lithium Extraction (DLE) techniques. LiTHOS has been recognized for its ingenuity, securing a $1.3 million grant from the US Department of Energy and a $250,000 grant from Colorado for accelerated pilot demonstration testing. With a fully operational lab facility, LiTHOS collaborates with strategic mineral resource owners in Chile, Argentina, and the United States, reinforcing our role as a pioneer in sustainable lithium production.


Fully operational lithium brine processing facilities have been commissioned in Denver, Colorado, and Bessemer, Alabama – USA.

LiTHOS remains focused on processing continental brines from several strategic resource owners located in the United States, Argentina, and Chile, continually advancing our technology and expanding our impact.

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