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LiTHOS Technology is transforming how lithium is produced. Our innovative approach eliminates the need for evaporation ponds and reagents, pioneering a new era in environmentally efficient and economically sustainable brine resource development.

AcQUA™ Lithium Production Without Evaporation Ponds

AcQUA™, our patent-pending technology, utilizes an advanced electro-pressure membrane process to recover and concentrate lithium chloride from aqueous sources efficiently. This technology is modular, field-proven, economically viable, and sustainable.


Highlights of AcQUA Technology:

Unique modular technology

Adaptable and scalable to meet diverse operational demands.


Rigorously tested and validated under real-world conditions.

Economically viable and sustainable

Cost-effective, enhancing profitability while maintaining sustainability.

Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) Philosophy

As a leader in environmentally conscious lithium technology, LiTHOS Technology is committed to enhancing community well-being, protecting the environment, and building strong community ties.

Social Responsibility

Our commitment to social responsibility drives us to adopt practices that significantly reduce our impact on local communities, enhancing the quality of life in our regions.

Environmental Consciousness

Our mission is centered on delivering sustainable value to all stakeholders. We emphasize safety, environmental stewardship, and inclusivity in our operations.

LiTHOS is dedicated to processing continental brines sourced from strategic locations in the United States, Argentina, and Chile.