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Dedicated to Spearheading the Adoption of Direct Lithium Extraction

LiTHOS is at the forefront of the Direct Lithium Extraction (DLE) industry and is committed to leading in economical, environmentally efficient, and sustainable lithium production.

Capitalization Overview

Issued and Outstanding:               83.6M
Warrants: 16.5M
Options: 1.9M
Fully Diluted: 101.8
52 Week/High/Low:
Market Cap: $40M
*As of May 1, 2024
**All values are in USD
Wholly-Owned Subsidiary – Operations & Selling:

  • Role: Brand and operating entity focused on sales of brine processing, technical services, and production facilities.
Wholly-Owned Subsidiary – IP Holding Company:
  • Focus: IP holding & development.
  • Denver-based DLE technology R&D facility.
  • Winner of $250k grant (Colorado Advanced Industries Clean-Tech startup 2023)
  • Awarded the DOE grant for USD$1.3M

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Company Highlights

Patent-Patented Solutions: LiTHOS has developed AcQUA™, a patent-pending technology for wastewater solutions tailored for Direct Lithium Extraction. This modular technology effectively converts produced brine water into water suitable for reinjection into the reservoir or irrigation.

Multipurpose Functionality: AcQUA™ not only extracts pure liquid commodity chemicals and converts brine water into purified resources, enhancing operational efficiency and sustainability.

Economically Viable Implementation: This initiative empowers mining operators to implement sustainable water reuse plants, maximizing resource utilization and minimizing environmental impact.

Environmental Stewardship: Focused on developing solutions that enhance profitability and contribute to ecological preservation.

Unlocking Investment Potential: Explore LiTHOS’s Revolutionary AcQUA™ Technology

Discover the promising investment opportunities in LiTHOS’s groundbreaking AcQUA™ technology, poised to redefine sustainable lithium production, in our comprehensive corporate presentation tailored for potential investors.

Financial Transparency

Information for current and potential investors, including stock prices, financial reports, and company news

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Legal and Audit Information

Transfer Agent

Endeavor Trust Corporation
777 Hornby St Suite 702
Vancouver, BC, Canada
V6Z 1S4

Legal Representation

Clark Wilson LLP
885 W Georgia St #900
Vancouver, BC, Canada
V6C 3H1

Perkins Coie
1900 16th St Mall #1400
Denver, CO
United States


Charlton & Company
701 Georgia St W 1620
Vancouver, BC, Canada
V7Y 1K8

AcQUA™ Technology Spotlight

AcQUA™, with its patent-pending electro-pressure membrane process, is a beacon of innovation in lithium extraction. It eliminates the need for evaporation ponds.