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LiTHOS is Reshaping the Lithium Market

LiTHOS is reshaping the lithium market with our pioneering AcQUA™ technology, designed to meet the growing needs for sustainable lithium production driven by Electric Vehicles and grid storage systems. With a robust track record, strategic partnerships, and a strong commitment to innovation, LiTHOS is significantly influencing the evolving landscape of the lithium industry.

AcQUA™ Lithium Production Without Evaporation Ponds

This innovative modular technology provides a comprehensive approach that is capable of pre-treatment, selective purification, and concentration of lithium-enriched brines before extracting lithium chloride. Unlike chemically intensive Direct Lithium Extraction (DLE) technologies, AcQUA™ circumvents typical challenges, offering lithium brine resource operators economically viable and sustainable extraction solutions.

Recycles Over 98% of Lithium Brine Water

A key advantage of AcQUA™ is its ability to significantly reduce water consumption by recycling over 98% of the input brine water. Additionally, it eliminates the need for evaporation ponds during the pre-treatment and concentration phases of production, streamlining operations and minimizing environmental impact.

Built on Proven Technology

AcQUA™ leverages mature and field-proven solutions initially developed for produced water management and recycling in the oil & gas sector. With a fully operational DLE processing facility in Bessemer, AL, USA, LiTHOS is poised to lead the charge in sustainable lithium production.

Strategic Partnerships and Market Presence

Through strategic partnerships with resource owners in the United States, Argentina, and Chile, LiTHOS is committed to delivering high-purity lithium and other valuable minerals, meeting the evolving demands of the market. Over six years of dedicated investment and commercialization efforts have positioned AcQUA™ as a step-change improvement to existing technologies, offering a promising solution to the future challenges of lithium production.

Our Competitive Edge

1. Streamlined Pre-Treatment Process for Enhanced Production Control:

  • LiTHOS has a unique capability to extract raw brine directly from the ground, streamlining the production process without additional systems or procedures.
  • Leveraging our established systems, we can execute industrial-scale operations seamlessly, even in challenging field conditions.

2. Revolutionizing Lithium Production by Eliminating Evaporation Ponds:

  • Increased Production Volume: By optimizing pre-treatment processes, we maximize the extraction of brine fluid, ensuring efficient utilization of resources.
  • Enhanced Efficiency: We minimize resource wastage and environmental impact by addressing the inefficiencies inherent in traditional pre-treatment methods.
  • Next-Level Innovation: LiTHOS’s approach marks a significant leap forward in lithium production technology, representing a step-change improvement over existing industry practices.
Join LiTHOS as we make a difference
The current lithium industry faces significant challenges related to water consumption, environmental impact, workplace safety, and production efficiency. LiTHOS is dedicated to developing and adopting more sustainable and efficient lithium extraction technologies.