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December 8, 2023

Cboe Canada Continues Support of Critical Minerals Sector with Listing of LiTHOS Energy

Toronto, December 8, 2023 /CNW/Cboe Canada, the new business name of the NEO Exchange, is excited to welcome LiTHOS Energy Ltd. (“LiTHOS”), a critical minerals extraction technology company improving the sustainability of lithium mining, as they graduate their public listing. Following a voluntary delisting from the Canadian Securities Exchange, LiTHOS is now trading on Cboe Canada under the ticker symbol LITS.

On a mission to become the global standard in economically efficient, sustainable lithium production, LiTHOS’ patent-pending AcQUATM technology eliminates the need for evaporation ponds – an environmentally damaging, chemically- and water-intensive step in the upstream segment of the lithium extraction value chain. AcQUATM technology spans the entire value chain from conditioning and pre-treatment of raw brines through Direct Lithium Extraction to the polishing and purification to produce either a battery-grade Lithium Carbonate or Hydroxide.

“LiTHOS has several multi-billion market cap lithium producers under contract, and we are actively processing multiple field brines at various stages from the evaporation pond complexes located in Chile and Argentina. We have a number of producers scheduled to visit our processing facilities to approve site acceptance tests on the results of our AcQUATM conditioning and pre-treatment technology, which can help customers substantially increase their recovery yields at a lower capital cost in weeks, instead of 9 to 18 months,” stated LiTHOS CEO and Co-Founder, Scott Taylor. “We chose Cboe Canada to build broader institutional coverage internationally and increase investor confidence as a Tier 1 non- venture issuer.”

Lithium is now among the world’s most in-demand metals due to aggressive electrification efforts to limit CO2 emissions. This global demand is underpinned by the adoption of electric vehicles and the installation of hundreds of gigawatts of intermittent solar power generation capacity requiring partial battery storage solutions.

“As the world transitions to low carbon energy sources, the demand for critical minerals that enable green tech has and will continue to increase. With the help of innovative technologies developed by LiTHOS, our world will be better equipped to meet this demand in a safer and more environmentally responsible way,” remarked Erik Sloane, Chief Revenue Officer at Cboe Canada and Vice President, Global Head of Corporate Listings for Cboe Global Markets. “We are thrilled to welcome LiTHOS to Cboe Canada, proving again that Cboe is the exchange for purpose- driven, innovative companies that are pioneering the way to a more sustainable future.”

Investors can trade shares of LITS through their usual investment channels, including discount brokerage platforms and full-service dealers. For a complete view of all securities listed on Cboe Canada, click here.

Cboe Canada is home to over 260 unique listings, including some of the most innovative Canadian and international growth companies, Canadian Depositary ReceiptsTM (CDRs), and ETFs from Canada’s most respected ETF issuers. In Canada, Cboe and its affiliates consistently facilitate over 15% of all volume traded in Canadian-listed companies and more than 20% of all volume traded in Canadian ETFs.

About Cboe Canada

Cboe Canada, the new business name of the NEO Exchange, is Canada’s Tier 1 stock exchange for the purpose-driven Innovation Economy, providing a best-in-class listing experience for issuers that are shaping the economies of tomorrow. Fully operational since 2015, Cboe Canada lists investment products and companies seeking an internationally recognized stock exchange that enables investor trust, quality liquidity, and broad awareness including unfettered access to market data.

Cboe Canada is part of the Cboe Global Markets network, leveraging deep international expertise, industry-leading market intelligence and technology, and unparalleled service to deliver what stakeholders and the world need now, and for the future. Cboe Canada is an affiliate of Cboe MATCHNow.

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About LiTHOS

The LiTHOS mission is to deliver sustainable lithium production without the use of evaporation ponds. AcQUATM is the Company’s patent-pending technology that spans the conditioning and pre-treatment of raw brines through the DLE phase into polishing and purification of a battery grade lithium product. LiTHOS has a 4,000 sq ft lab in Denver, CO and a 55,000 sq ft complex in Bessemer, AL. LiTHOS is now working with multiple strategic mineral resource owners and processing brines from Chile, Argentina, and the United States.

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